If you love timber floors but find it way out of your budget, then you will fall in love with the characteristics of solid Bamboo. Not just for its good looks and long wide boards, but also for its strength and durability.

With its extremely high Janka rating and solid construction, our full solid 14mm Bamboo boards are stable, incredibly indentation resistant and can be sanded and re-finished in years to come.

Bamboo flooring is an attracting alternative to hard wood floors. Bamboo grows to maturity within 5 to 7 years and is regarded as one of the strongest plants. With technology improving all the time, bamboo is the smart choice.

Due to a documented chain of manufacturing and the quality of their boards, we only supply “Green Earth’s” range of bamboo and the “Bamboak” range of bamboo.

Lifetime Structural Warranty -25 year wear warranty - Hardness: Janka Rating 15


Standard Semi Gloss German UV acrylic urethane providing extra anti-scratch and abrasion resistance. Coating is water based, solvent free and exceeds the allowable US and European (E1) standards E1,0.00155ppm for off-gassing. Moisture content - Less than 12%.


1850mm x 125mm x 14mm

With a myriad of colours to choose from, Bamboo is the sustainable friendly choice.

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