The benefits from selecting good quality carpets in most types of applications are numerous. There really isn’t any other type of floorcovering that will provide sound insulation, energy savings, underfoot comfort, safe non-slip flooring and be easy to clean & install, while still providing the flexibility for individual creative design.

At Castle Flooring Centre we like to keep it simple….. We only supply & install ‘George Lowe Carpets’.

All our carpets feature a distinctive grading system to provide you with guidance and the reassurance of knowing exactly what you are investing in. This distinctive labelling system is your guide on the likely appearance, retention and performance properties of your carpet.

For nearly 100 years George Lowe Carpets have been supplying prominent flooring outlets and servicing professional specifiers throughout Australia. Since 1919 they have been privately owned and are now into their 3rd generation. No matter what you’re after, whether it be Wool, Nylon, Polypropylene, or even a Blend, we have you covered.

The Benefits of Choosing Carpet:

  • The use of carpet enhances sound absorption, and the conduction of impact noise can be reduced by up to 30dB, as opposed to comparative values for smooth floorcoverings which can vary between 5-15dB. The benefits of noise reduction can be felt throughout the house. In particular, in flats and on first/second floors when noise of hard flooring can be heard most by people on lower floors.
  • Carpets can make a measurable contribution to retaining the warmth in a room and therefore saving energy. Carpets have low heat conduction and are a natural thermal insulator creating a heat barrier. As a result, as much as 10% of the heat in a room which would be dissipated with smooth floorcovering is retained in the room by the carpet. Combined with outstanding underfoot comfort, carpet can result in a considerable reduction in the use of heating in the transition from a warm to a cold season.
  • Carpets are quick and easy to install, allowing for considerable scope for fashionable creativity – whether they are used in a wall-to-wall design or in combination with other flooring surfaces. Patterned carpets make a design impact.
  • Most quality carpets have excellent wear properties, which means that many years of comfortable service can be expected if the right carpet is selected in the first instance. Its life can be extended with frequent vacuuming and steam cleaning once a year. Be aware that it may stain and become matted over time.
  • Safety covers two aspects – reduced slippage, especially when wet, and a decrease in stress on joints. The soft resilient fibres of a carpet provide a cushioning effect and excellent orthopaedic properties compared with hard flooring.
  • The underfoot safety of carpets is an important feature, both in the home and the workplace. Infants and the elderly in particular benefit from the non-slip aspects of carpets and, in the event of a fall, the soft resilience of the carpet lowers the risk of injury.
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